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When Dušan asked me, I write something about him it quite stopped me. Not because I did not know him, or that I would suffer from difficulties in written expression. I just know how difficult it is to write about friends. At the same time it can be tough, because you the bad language, which is still abound, will repudiate what do you invent, and why so touted. What ever write about a good friend ? That he goes for the beer and liquor, he likes women and not much more to boxing, motorcycles and military history? As soon as you read these words, you feel how shallow and climsy. And mind thoughts, what to write about Dušan as a painter, especially when you understand to the visiual arts, but certainly you are not an expert.

In my eyes is Dušan reflected by one sentence, which I will remember forever : „ I like paintings of Jiří Sopko, who paints as his mouth has grown.


Dušan does not just speak in simple, straightforward sentences , but with larger, smaller dose of sarcasm he also paints like this. I do not think , that he follows this painter in his footsteps that he would flatter him or live in his shadow. He on his own as well as his paintings live with own, continously variable, pliable life.

He does not like to be classified and pigeonholed. He does not belong to the world of intellectuals, where everyone around him backwards like a whip foreign words of which sometimes do not even know what they mean. Dušan feels at home in simplicity, directness and straightness. And yet his paintings can be found in the allegories. Minor keys, which sometimes you understand at first, sometimes you will understand the context later.


I would be lying if I said that to me all his works and creations like that speaks to me. But some found their way to my heart and imprinted somewhere in the depths of the soul. Dušan might considered these words too noble. He does not have the intimate relationship with God as I do. Once he tried to paint Jesus Christ on the cross, but he was not satisfied. He was missing the feeling of getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Apparently annoyed, which is not usual for him.

Maybe he will complete such a painting, perhaps find himself more humility. If someone creates a work that will appeal to someone else, may be short satisfied but not complacent. Dušan paintings have already found fans. The complacency I have not seen a bed, even after the exuberant merriment. And know that if Dusan actually fell asleep on its laurels, I am one of the first people to hear.

Michal Plavec


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